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Gamedecs Win 1 Million PLN

It's official now: we got a 1 mln PLN grant from National Center for Research and Development to fund paid traineeships for sophomore and senior students of 2nd Gen Humanities (in both specialisation paths: GAMEDEC: Game Studies & Design as well as Digital Humanities). This is the second grant of this kind: in 2014-15, we sent 100 students from the 2013 and 2014 enrollment cohorts for 3-month paid internships (info >here). Now the 2015 and 2016 cohorts have the same opportunity. 
The best part: the grant application was written by two gamedecs, Ula Chmielewska and Mateusz Treder. They had just completed the Grant Writing course taught by Radek Cichański (microgrants) and myself (Erasmus+ grants). They did get some extra advice from Piotr Milewski, who will now coordinate the traineeship project from the side of the teaching staff, and they had access to my previously-successful application form as a model. Nonetheless, the core grantwriting effort was all theirs. I am extr…

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