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Supervising B.A. Game Projects

It's been nearly four years with Gamedec: Game Studies & Design - and the very first year I have run the game-focused B.A. Seminar. With the first round of B.A. defenses coming in June/July, we are nearing the end of this journey. And what a journey it was! As an academic teacher, I find nothing more exciting than the creative passion fueling design projects. Nothing more rewarding than watching students rise from amateurs to professionals. This seminar, in all likelihood, will exceed my expectations.
What I expected from each gamedec was a new game project of their own design. In previous semesters, we had focused on small-scale teamwork. On the B.A. level, gamedecs would demonstrate the ability to design and develop an individual project in collaboration with an industry stakeholder or informal 'supervisor'. (Currently, the Ministry of Higher Education is introducing such double academic-industry supervision for industry-oriented doctoral projects; we've do…

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