12-16 May 2014 Study Visit on Gamification

On 12-16th May 2014, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (Poland) will host a gamification-focused study visit. Intended for 7-15 professionals who are interested in edu-gamification and eligible for participation in EU study visits coordinated by CEDEFOP: studyvisits.cedefop.europa.eu (catalogue 2013/14, no. 167). 

Gamification in Education & Training
Enhancing outcomes, motivation & autonomy

Teachers’ and trainers’ continuing professional development and career opportunities

Following our highly successful study visit Academic Writing Skills (#179 May 2012), now we want to hold a meeting on Gamification in Education and Training: an innovative approach to curriculum/syllabus design and to learner’s motivation, assessment & autonomisation (at work: to employee’s commitment and productivity). Implemented in learning or work environments, gamification combats problems of low engagement & negative attitudes.

At Kazimierz Wielki University, we have used game-based learning & gamification for a few years, and we entered a networked higher-ed gamification project in 2012. We wish to share experiences with 1) like-minded staff of teaching & training institutions, 2) managers of non-educational businesses interested in gamification of job training & HR management, and 3) officials responsible for decision making.

Participants will learn about:
  • Courses & grading systems at Polish universities, colleges & secondary schools;
  • Effects of National Qualification Framework on course & curriculum design;
  • The idea of gamification & its base in psychology, game studies & educational theory;
  • Edu-gamification case studies & design principles;
  • Dangers & limitations of gamification.

Participants will:
  • Compare courses & grading systems between educational institutions;
  • Discuss ideas & expectations with teachers, students & heads of schools;
  • Compare motivating & autonomising techniques;
  • Discuss & design gamified solutions for specific learning & work environments;
  • Prepare guidelines for educators & HR managers.

  • company training managers,
  • directors of education and vocational training institutions, centres or providers,
  • head teachers, teacher trainers,
  • heads of departments,
  • human resource managers,
  • owners/managers of SMEs,
  • pedagogical or guidance advisers,
  • representatives of education and training networks and associations,
  • representatives of educational services, labour offices or guidance centres,
  • representatives of local, regional and national authorities,
  • researchers.

P.S. Please don't get confused by the name of the visit in the catalogue on CEDEFOP's site. Someone at CEDEFOP "knew better" and replaced gamification with using games or education-games, without asking for our opinion. As a result, the word gamification can't be found either in the title or in the official description. You have to get to our website to find out what it really is about.