2013 Conference Marathon Part 3: Denmark

I flew to Denmark yesterday. The PROLARP conference, organised by Rollespilsakademiet, starts today. I had an early flight, with most of the day just to myself. I wanted to move around Copenhagen and visit various places (Christania, for example), but I was stupid enough to have started with Nyhavn. (So far, I've almost learned how to pronounce it accurately.) This was a bad choice: I didn't want to leave this place.

I fell in love with Nyhavn and sank there until evening. It's true you can see some kitsch (horribly overpriced) for the indiscriminating tourist, but despite that I could still feel the air of history emanating from the old century buildings, the wooden sailing ships, the memory of Hans Christian Andersen, and the unique atmosphere of a port city on the cold Baltic see. It touched my heart with the 17th century heritage, my favourite historical period I used to reenact and role play a lot. It brought back my unfulfilled dream of sailing on the high seas, which I had dropped in favour of other hobbies, never having gone beyond yacht helmsmanship on lakes and rivers. And it reminded me of Gdańsk, the Polish port on the southern side, where I had lived for 7 years. Very much the same. Very much different. Very much awesome.

After an evening spent with Danish gamers at Rollenspilsfabrikken, I need to work on a grant proposal which has to be ready before 6 Dec. Back to the quarry.