2013 Conference Marathon Part 3 Completed

PROLARP is over: three days of intense knowledge- and experience-sharing, coupled with excellent food and überexcellent company. With a small crowd of about 20 people (from the Nordic countries, Germany, Canada and Tanzania), we had a chance to talk to everyone, all together and in groups. This is what I found the most interesting:
  • edu-larp for children with special needs (physical / mental disabilities)
  • prolarp for sale to businesses, institutions and individual customers
  • marketing and selling larp
  • media strategy for larp
I presented (again) the 2012 DEMOcracyProject I had been involved in with my historical reenactment group. I spread the word of the Belarussian larp conference I had visited last week, and of the upcoming KoLa conference in Poland (3-5 January). I was happy to find out that the English translation of last year's KoLa proceedings was noticed and appreciated internationally. I regret having missed the “expanding the toolbox” and “larp for sustainable income” discussions, but I couldn't split myself into three.

Organization-wise: the professionalization of larp around the world calls for a tighter network and stronger web presence; that's what should be achieved with the official international network of larp professionals envisioned by Rollespilsakademiet. Higher brand awareness for Nordic Larp would be much desired as well. With first steps already taken, results are soon to be seen.

My personal quest – get info and feedback on how-to-teach-larp-design-at-university – completed more than successfully. I found out about two university courses in larp design I hadn't heard of before: one in Germany and one in Sweden. (Thanks: Myriel, Miriam and Josefin!) Both were created and run by experienced pro-larpers, both seemed to have the same components and structure I envisioned for my course at UKW. I am going to elaborate on that in a new blog post. Next week, perhaps.

It's good I had managed to check all students' essays on the train / plane to PROLARP, because I wouldn't be able to do it this week. I landed in Warsaw at 21:40, now I'm on the night train coming to Bydgoszcz at 2:45. I'll get a few hours of sleep before the morning meeting on research vouchers for academy-business partnership. Then we need to sit down and finish work on a grant proposal which must be ready before 5 Dec. This will take most of the day. And on Tuesday I take an early train to Berlin, heading for Online-Educa. On the train, I need to complete my presentation for Digital Learning Congress: the last stop of my conference marathon. If workoholism has levels, mine must be close to Epic.