2013 Conference Marathon Part 4: Germany

I am in Berlin at the huge e-learning conference Online Educa, having started with the pre-conference workshop on educational games design  run by Dr. Ian Dunwell and Dr. Nicole Steils  from Coventry-based Serious Games Institute. I didn't learn many new things, as the course was addressed to beginners, but I finally had a chance to try out the Adding Play game design cards. Highly recommendable! I'm putting it on the Christmas gift wish list. :)

Now I am walking around the exhibition area talking to people. The number of stands with game-based learning / gamification / edutainment is surprisingly small; at least I haven't found many today. But there is an impressive Saudi area with tents, furniture, kitchenware, coffee and dates. I showed my historical reenactment photos to the Saudis. As I expected, they liked our 17-th century garb very much.


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