Gamedec.UKW Rising!

24th February 2014. Historic date. With the 2nd semester of Humanities 2.0, the Gamedec.UKW specialisation track was officially started. 


Yesterday, we had the pleasure to host a meeting with Marcin Przybyłek (aka Martin Ann), fiction writer and game designer, the author of the Gamedec universe. As you might easily guess, it's his prose that we borrowed the name from. More than that: we chose the Gamedec universe as the narrative theme for our edu-gamification. And even more than that: we want to design two new games together. Marcin and some of our students.

 (Photo: Anna Nowak)

From now on, all 52 student gamedecs are facing 5 semesters (20 months) of hands-on practice in project work and collaboration with partners outside of university. They have just started three design labs: board & card games, role playing games (tabletop and larp), and fundamentals of video game design (Scratch and Kodu). 

I will write more about the labs next time. Today, I just want to take a look back on the first semester. Neither project work nor collaboration with stakeholders was obligatory in the previous months - but some students took up the challenge from the very beginning!

  • 5 people volunteering at Game Developers Conference (Poznań, 19-20.10.2013)
  • 2 people volunteering at 26. Board Games Night with the local game store Pegaz
  • 14 people built and contributed to the website


  • two informal meetings / lectures at Sailing Club with Kuba Nalepka, level designer working for Vivid Games, organized by student Wiktor Polańczyk
  • team of 12 people started playtesting Military History: Medieval, a miniature war game
  • student Krzysztof Chmielewski gave a talk on bleed in larp at Game Research Association of Poland’s conference in Poznań (16.11.2013)


  • nordic larp God’s Playground, organized by student Krzysztof “Shaman” Chmielewski (5.12.2013)
  • 2 people volunteering at 27. Board Games Night with the local game store Pegaz (7.12.2013); this time BGN moved permanently to our university (previously, it had taken place at our competition, a privately owned college of economy)
  • Waking up Eltra!”, students’ own initiative to rent rooms in the Eltra office tower as their own creativespace for larps and other projects


  • 16 students took part in focus tests with Vivid Games
  • Krzysztof Chmielewski gives two talks at KoLa – Larp Conference
  • Military History: Medieval released, with 4 of our students listed by name as contributors 

  • several students are playtesting Elder Scrolls Online
  • 5 students are taking the gamification MOOC on Coursera
  • 1 student is playtesting virtual labs for
  • several students are preparing two urban games

Impressed? Don't be. 
It's been nothing more than foreplay to the real action.