Gamedec.UKW International

A few words after two busy weeks of workaholic spree, written in a lunchbreak before coming back to more of the same. One paper on gamification written. A pile of student paperwork graded. A concept of summer school and post-grad courses developed. A grant proposal under Erasmus+ almost ready (must be ready by tomorrow). An EU study visit coming in two weeks. The grant and the visit made me think about the international aspect of what we do at Gamedec. 

We've always envisioned Gamedec.UKW as an international enterprise: open to foreign perspectives and cooperating with foreign partners. Not just limited to students of Gamedec itself, also recruiting teammates from English / Russian / German / Arabic studies (soon to be joined by History 2.0, scheduled for launch in October). Looking back on our students' "international relations", that's what I see:

over the two months we've been officially active as Gamedec,
  • Military History: Medieval: miniature war game (international)
  • Guest lecture (via Skype) from GameForge (Germany)
  • Larp design projects for Tall Tale Events (Canada)
  • Support for cooperation with Belarussian State University  in preparation of joint degree in History 2.0 (Belarus)
  • Pre-tests for the larp research project I coordinate with Sarah Bowman (international)
  • MOOC in gamification on Coursera (international)
  • Playtesting of Elder Scrolls Online (international)
  • Meeting with administration staff from Staffordshire University (UK)
  • Help in the preparation of a Strategic Partnership proposal for Erasmus+  (international)
That's if you count only the students or students-with-staff activities. Yes, including the E+ proposal: some of our students are involved in grant writing. Which is doubly great, as there was no funding behind any of the above, and it would be good to finally get some. I can't think how far we will reach with funding! (Just kidding. Of course I can.)

In the next two weeks,
  • We have Sandy Petersen (R'lyeh) meeting us on Skype 
  • We work on edu-larps from Seekers Unlimited (US) in Gamedec Larp Lab
  • We host CEDEFOP (EU)-funded study visit on edu-gamification
Okay, the lunch is over. Time to go back to work.