Back from College of Extraordinary Experiences

>College of Extraordinary Experiences, an interdisciplinary industry-academia conference on experience design, is now over. Four days with professionals from media, marketing, management, entertainment, education, academia, and (frequently) combination of the above. The first of the kind, with plans to grow into an annual event.   
  • Main focus: learn to design fun, memorable, immersive and transformative experiences. 
  • Networking bonus: dozens of new personal contacts within the media/entertainment/design industries, including strong global brands.  
  • Experience bonus: weekend at the stunning Czocha castle, which brought back vivid memories from my first extraordinary visit there: >College of Wizardry #1.
Back home, it's time to process all what happened at COEE. Kazimierz Wielki University was an >official partner to this event, with myself, dr Aleksandra Mochocka, mgr Krzysztof Chmielewski and mgr Piotr Milewski (>Gamedec.UKW staff) as consultants. Me and Aleksandra went to experience the whole thing as regular participants. Now it's time to write a report and analysis. How, when, whether it gets published... is to be decided by the COEE org team.

For the time being, let's just say: yes, things were extraordinary; yes, it has the power to become a transformational experience; no, I will say no more at this point. Stop pressing us for details, please. There are other COEE alumni out there who are not writing a confidential report. Go listen to their stories. :)

Next weekend, another immersive-creative event on schedule: we are hosting Huuuge Game Jam!