Supervising B.A. Game Projects 2

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It happened yesterday: the early batch of B.A. graduations from Gamedec.UKW. It was time to say farewell to four gamedecs from my seminar, putting A Big Closure after the three years together at the university. Fast-runners, these guys went ahead of schedule, not waiting till the usual graduation time in July. They did so with outstanding results: 3 x A, 1 x B+. And they came bearing gifts. First, I got a personalised character card from each of them.
Then came a T-shirt which said "I taught at Gamedec before it was cool" on the front and had the name of the university on the back (with one of my profile pics in the center).

Finally, I found this, carefully hidden at the bottom of the bag. My own character card in the style of VETO! CCG.

So we've got an incomplete deck of gamedec cards. I can't wait to see the rest - and I guess we should design the rules!

Extra Bonus

We all went out together after the B.A. defences: the fresh graduates, the reviewer, two of the soon-to-be graduates (the July group) - and a Special Foreign Guest. My good friend Mikołaj Sobociński, co-founder, teacher and coordinator at Gamedec.UKW in 2013-2015, came over to visit us with the family all the way from Kuwait. For the last two years, he has taught at the American College of the Middle East. His summer visit to Poland coincided with the graduations, so we had a double occasion to meet, share experience and talk about career plans. After all, the B.A. (lic.) degree is just the beginning of the road.