Supervising B.A. Game Projects 3

In the >previous episode, I mentioned B.A. defenses from the 26th of June. Then, I am ashamed to say, I forgot to mention the next batch which came on the 12th of July. My bad!! This was definitely something to write home about. :)

Anna designed an edu-larp as a soft skills training exercise for business professionals. She wrote it in English, with feedback from Blaz Branc from the Ljubljana-based (Slovenia) company Baltazar Marketing.

Arek created a board game about naval warfare between a transport convoy on one side and a submarine fleet on the other. Key word for his project: simulation of the fog of war. His informal industry supervisor was Sirius Game Studio from Gdynia (Poland)

Iza was a special case: her B.A. detective card game "Morderstwo w Ithan" ("Murder in Ithan") had already been bought, developed and released by Garmory, rethemed to fit the setting of their MMORPG Margonem. Now her only job was to write a B.A. report on the completed project:
And I got some more personalised  "gift cards" to my collection, including Paulina whose B.A. project I reviewed:
Now I am the reviewer for some other gamedecs scheduled for B.A. defenses in late October. And I've just started another B.A. seminar with nine senior gamedecs to graduate in July / September 2018. That's a story for another time!