Live from Denmark

It was the third day at College Knowledge: a reunion event for graduates from >College of Extraordinary Experiences, a high-profile workshop conference for experience designers from across all entertainment media and industries. It's been intense, purposefully chaotic, and at times challenging. Many times challenging.

Challenge 1: Bike around

Bike riding on each day, sometimes at pretty long distances, sometimes not entirely sober, and sometimes at -5 Celsius. It's been some time since I last rode a bike, so it was great to reexperience that. Even though my old sport injury had reminded of itself recently, "you won't let such a detail as a spine injury get in the way of a good bike tour", right?

Challenge 2: Bug-infested lunch

An extraordinary lunch, fusion food combining European cuisine and native specialties from Venesuelan jungle - with a heavy presence of worms and insects. Not as bugs - as features. I must admit this was a truly transformative experience of sorts: it permanently transformed me from a person who has never eaten bugs... to one that has. But I'm still not sure how to feel about this. Like I said on site, "I've built a huge wall in my mind that shields me from the primal horror of what I ate, and the wall is barely holding". Well, I was a tad exaggerating, but I can't deny having a strong cultural inhibition against this sort of extraordinariness. And I prefer to keep it this way.

Challenge 3: Participant-led activities

Sunday was the time for experiences created by the participants. I brought a workshop in rapid prototyping of board games. I had done it >before for different audiences, but this time I had to adapt it to a new format. With teams seated in separate rooms, I had to rapidly prototype (this very morning) printed handouts to enable them to switch to new stages without me present. And we got just one hour for the 2 h workshop. I don't know if I ever dared to attempt it with a standard audience, but with this crowd of extraordinary designers I gave it a try.

And they rocked. Boy, how they rocked. Due to time constrains, I had stripped the workshop from some complex elements. I haven't even mentioned Stage 3 and 4 when they modify victory conditions and movement on board. Guess what: most teams naturally jumped to Stage 3 and 4 content without any handout or suggestion. Let's be frank: they didn't need my handouts, it would be enough to do the briefing.

I will say nothing about other workshops, as I'm not sure what info can be made public. I'll just say I'm grateful I participated. Each of them in its own way broadened my perspective on experience design. Thank you, extraordinary crew.

What's next?

We've just rode back to the hostel after some crazy closing-ceremony partying at Dziobak Larp Studio HQ. On Monday morning it will be just breakfast and goodbye kisses. Then I'll have some time to kill in Nyhavn before I meet Blaz Branc at the airport to take the bus over the Oresund bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö. Our >book on edu-larp in business training and assessment will be launched  at the Edu Larp Conference in Malmö in 2 days.