Live from Sweden

A slow and easy day: that was the plan. A recharge-batteries buffer zone between the intense Copenhagen CoEE meet-up and the Edu Larp Conference coming tomorrow. The second time within the last two weeks that I could sleep as long as I wished. Sleep, see some sights, go meet the Knutpunkt crowd in A Week in Sweden. A damn good plan, I daresay.

But things keep popping up.

First, it turns out my Airbnb host works as designer of immersive learning experiences. We have a lot of common interests. Ideas to confront. Experiences to share. He hasn't heard of larp before. Now he wants to come to the Edu Larp Conference with me. We sit and talk in the kitchen for hours.

Then I get a LinkedIn message from one of my ex-student from many years ago.  She lives in Malmo now, working as a service designer.  She has followed my recent posts. If I'm in Malmo now, why don't I come over to her office for coffee? Which happens to be a 5 minute walk from my place? Sure thing! Seeing my students follow successful careers is the best reward in my line of work. :) I meet Monika and her colleague (or boss? I didn't ask) to chat. Work, life, education. Poland and Sweden. Design philosophies. They have heard of the College of Extraordinary Experiences (of course they have). Beside IT-related tech issues, they do similar things with the experiential part of service design. It turns out we share the view of the multisystemic interconnectedness of all things. #ThereIsNoBox and stuff. :)

Now it's the third stop of my today's Malmo excursion. A soursweet one. For the 10 days of my Nordic tour, I've been trying not to think about a crisis back at the university I am being called to solve. I have mixed feelings. I'd love to help and save the day for the sake of my students: it's This Project that made me so proud. But it will cost tons of my time and effort. And I need to be supercareful in dealings with our administration to avoid the risk of financial losses and personal accountability for somebody else's errors and delays. There is a meeting at the uni tomorrow, which I can't attend being in the middle of the conference in Malmo. What I can do is send my statement by email today. So this is the 'live' moment: a sad-looking guy sipping beer in Brewdog all alone with his mobile, writing work-related e-mail while the rest of the KP crew are having fun somewhere else. It seems I won't be joining them until 8 p.m. or later.

At least it's Brewdog. It counts.

P.S. And there is this Other Thing which came pink and glossy; totally unexpected. Life: never stops to surprise.